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about the client
Arbitrip is an intelligent business hotel booking tool with search personalization that gives tailored room recommendations based on users' activity and travel plans. Arbitrip works with the leading hotel chains and distribution partners to ensure the best price for their customers. The platform uses AI and machine learning technology. Due to objective analysis, data analysis, and personalization, Arbitrip users' costs are reduced by more than 23 percent.
GCP (for BigQuery)

Client’s brief

  • Develop a responsive mobile web app referencing already existing web one
  • Deal replications across third-party integrations
  • Provide lower prices for Edwardian Hotels
  • Create advanced data logs for monitoring and analysis
  • Develop functionality to manage company travel policies
  • Introduce additional user roles to enhance access levels

Challenges & Solutions

Management of travel policy for reservation restriction
With an old solution, companies found it challenging to tailor the booking process and customize options according to their requirements.

We designed and implemented a new approach that allows companies to manage travel options seamlessly. Managers have customizable options, allowing companies to set and enforce travel policies. It is based on their unique preferences and budget, i.e., the maximum permitted price to book per country or city. It helps reduce uncertainties in financial planning due to precise price conversion.
Full application redesign
We implemented a new UI of the web application and improved the UX.
Providing lower prices
Our customers always needed to provide lower prices for the hotel rooms.

We implemented integration with some vendors. It allowed us to receive competitive prices for many hotel groups, such as Edwardian Hotels, for the app`s users and increased the available hotel count in the Asia region.
Suppliers' big query table
We implemented the suppliers' big query table to store and search through data. It allowed our client to analyze user journeys and improve system monitoring.

We also normalized and structured the received data across all the apps and integrations, ensuring uniformity and eliminating potential discrepancies.
Suggestion algorithm
The best deals suggestion algorithm has places for improvements, such as an issue with duplicate options. It slowed down the app's performance and affected the user's experience.

We implemented several enhancements to the algorithm's core, addressing issues with weak points and increasing its overall reliability. It allowed the system to present users with the best deal out of a group.


The app has been upgraded and has become more stable and responsive, with all the needed functionality.
We implemented all required third-party integrations. All impactful data structure discrepancies were found and fixed.
We added the ability to create/edit/remove travel policies, change the default policy price, and manually select any policy to apply to the search flow.
We ran cross-browser (Chrome/Safari), cross-platform (iOS/Android), and performance testing to ensure a fast and reliable system.
We are getting competitive room prices.
We developed functionality to manage company travel policies.
We upgraded the suggestion algorithm to present users with the best available option.
We provided the companies with new role levels.
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