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about the client
Matsmart sells surplus food online that would have been thrown away due to packaging changes, short expiry dates, or other reasons. In 2017, Matsmart saved tonnes of food from going to waste. The company's headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden. They also operate in the European Union.
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Client’s brief

  • Improve website performance
  • Optimize the checkout page
  • Connect a new language and currency due to expanding a business internationally
  • Convert current prices
  • Integrate CRM
  • Integrate the global system with the warehouse system
  • Set up invoice generation

Challenges and Solutions

01 Website speed and performance improvement 

The site had thousands of products and different coupon and discount options. The checkout page had complex logic with coupons and discounts, which applied differently to each item. Also, the system had to make calculations according to a limit to the products in the shopping cart. All this affected the site speed.

We optimized and improved the functionality of the checkout page. We optimized both the backend code (using PHP and Drupal) and the database. Additionally, we improved the overall website performance to handle a large influx of users. 


02 International expansion

The client expanded their business to Norway, so we created a new language version for their website. We added a new currency and integrated it with the CRM system. We synchronized their products with the new system and converted the prices from the Swedish króna to the Norwegian krone.

We wrote a function that automatically converted the prices on the site due to the current exchange rate. We also integrated the Norwegian payment system and added new functionality.

03 Warehouse checking 

We integrated the warehouse system, which allowed checking the availability of goods in several warehouses, and developed and integrated a functional module for delivery.


04 Invoice generation

We set up the generation of invoices through the admin panel using the CRM data. We also designed, tested, and implemented a Restful API, allowing retrieving product and order information.

05 Knapsack problem

Items from one order are often stored in different warehouses and are needed to send separately. We implemented a service with a built-in algorithm and API to optimize the process. All that is needed is to send a request with the order information: the number and sizes of goods, the warehouses' addresses, and available packages. API calculates how to send the order most optimally.



We helped improve overall site performance due to the optimization of backend code and databases.
Our developers created a new country-specific site version. We added price conversion to local currency and integrated the local payment systems.
We have optimized the operation of the checkout page, particularly the shopping cart loading speed and calculation of all possible bonuses, discounts, and coupons.
We implemented integration with the warehouse system. It allows our client to track the number of goods and their availability. We also integrated the warehouse system into a functional module for delivery.
We developed the Restful API. It allows site visitors to receive information about products and create orders.
We have optimized the process of sending orders from multiple warehouses.
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