An interactive platform providing virtual support for people with learning disabilities such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Brain Injuries, and other cognitive-related diseases.

about the client
Avail Support Ltd is an award-winning healthcare and technology company founded in 2015. Their interactive online platform enables individuals to combine Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) tools, evidence-based interventions, and technology to help children and adults with cognitive disabilities learn the essential skills to live independently and confidently.
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Client’s brief

  • Rebuild the existing legacy system from scratch
  • Fix existing critical bugs and issues
  • Revise apps for consistency in design and functionality
  • Implement media library support
  • Create different levels of user hierarchy
  • HIPAA compliance

Challenges and Solutions

01 Legacy modernization

Our team did research and rewrote a whole system from scratch. We used a CMS backend (Laravel/PHP & MySQL running on Rackspace-managed AWS servers in the US, EU, and CA regions). It was developed upon clinical research and therapy for empowering children and adults with cognitive disabilities to acquire and reinforce skills necessary to achieve independence across all domains, such as adult services, employment, independent living, behavioral health, schools, and education.

We chose this technology as the most suitable and popular, with a good reputation and support to make the system maintainable and scalable. We also used a microservice architecture to improve the apps` performance.

02 User hierarchy

The app is used by organizations and institutions that help their students with varied learning needs. It features three roles: managers, caregivers, and learners.

Caregivers fall into two categories with different access rights. The first is parents (or guardians) who follow their children's results. They have viewing rights and can track progress and marks. The second one is teachers. They can create tasks that must be performed by a specific person or group (for example, a class). Teachers can also evaluate the results. 
Managers are the directors or heads of organizations. They have full functionality: add and remove users, create groups, etc.
Learners are people with disabilities who perform tasks and use the system's capabilities to learn and progress. We also implemented a diary where learners' results can be entered and a PDF reports system with the progress data of learners.

03 Media library support 

Each organization can create personal tasks for learners to complete. Teachers can upload videos and send them to an individual student or the whole class. Each video can be private (for internal use only) or public. For example, when the task is pretty common (such as tying shoelaces), the video can be uploaded to a library and published for sharing.

04 Data security

Our solution is HIPAA compliant, which guarantees high-level protection of users` personal health information.


The client received three modern standalone Web, iOS, and Android applications with different levels of user hierarchy: managers, caregivers, and learners.

Managers monitor the activity and achievements of all users.

Caregivers create and watch tailored support programs for learners.

Learners access 24/7 support via their personal smart device.

The app is stable, easy to scale, shows good performance, and is convenient for the final users.

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