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How we build product breakthroughs: Rolique`s expertise

How we build product breakthroughs: Rolique`s expertise

Combining seamless work processes and a proper team is necessary to build a successful project. This includes a few crucial steps while working with clients and inside the team. This article shares the approaches that help our team create product breakthroughs. Enjoy!

Processes & Approaches

The combination of transparent communication, interactivity, and flexibility at all stages of work is key to successfully developing and delivering projects. At Rolique, we use a step-by-step development approach and constant communication with decision-makers. It helps us change and improve our projects according to customers' visions and wishes. 

It is also crucial to understand the project's goals clearly. We define product vision and strategy through user and market research and determine requirements and goals, especially benefits, target audience, budget, essential functions, etc. We also involve experts to estimate how long it will take to succeed. 

We compile ideas and clarify requirements. It is necessary because, at first glance, all the requirements can look simple to fulfill. But after analyzing, it may turn out that we have a complex system to develop. So, we search for the best solution in collaboration with our partners.  

We prefer to show results in parts. It gives room for improvement, namely, to meet clients' expectations continually and create the best possible outcomes. It is a bad idea to wait until the final stage of development to understand that the basis must be redone from scratch. The better option is to show results regularly throughout the development. Furthermore, such an approach saves the customer's money and the team`s efforts because minor changes can be made on the way instead of redoing everything from scratch.

We prefer to combine the transparency of communication, interactivity, and flexibility at all stages of work. It is principal to successfully developing and delivering all our projects. And, of course, an individual approach is essential. We deeply explore project needs to identify and implement the customer's ideas.

Team & Technology 

We select the team depending on the required technology stack. Some partners come with a ready-made vision for what technology they need. Suppose a customer has technical experts who have already studied the stack and requirements, sketched the architecture, and defined how it will be implemented. In that case, we select specialists with experience in those technologies. We understand that these are valid technologies that will work correctly and comply with market trends.

In cases when customers don't know which technology is better, our team provides research, analyzes the scope of work, and chooses the best options. We also explain why our choice is a silver bullet for this project. 

Communication is the king. It is crucial for the team to have a clear vision and understanding of what stakeholders want to see in their product. This will help to choose the most effective approaches and technologies to implement the boldest ideas. It also gives us a space for improvements and provides an opportunity for expansion. We can avoid situations when we speak a different language with our partners. Because of our work approaches, their ideas and our vision can be clarified at any stage of development.

Outstanding Solutions with Rolique 

Rolique has worked in the IT market since 2014. During this time, we have released more than 110 projects for 50+ customers worldwide. 

We have a positive, proven expertise in software development. Here, you can check feedback from our partners who are satisfied with the high-quality products we have created.

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