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How are you, Rolique? Work, life, and operation in time of war

How are you, Rolique? Work, life, and operation in time of war

Since the first day of russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, our reality has become different, our routine got shifted, but work has never stopped in Rolique.

According to IT Ukraine Association, the IT industry remains stable, with more than 85% of IT professionals currently defending the economy of the country.
Working means fueling the war efforts. Rolique joined the economic defense from the very first day of the invasion, saving jobs, paying taxes, and providing employment to specialists, who lost their places of work due to the war.

Sounds of air-raid sirens across Ukraine woke us early on Thursday, February 24, 2022. Like everyone, we were shocked, the war had broken out.
A couple of hours later, we met at Rolique team meeting online. The main goal of the gathering was to instruct teammates about the wartime agenda and make sure everyone is in safe and so their families are.
Our HR and Legal Departments designed the plan of working routine in case of military invasion before the russian aggression started.
Back in pre-war times, we hoped such mechanisms would never be used. Now we know, the preparation was essential. Thanks to created plan we could get organized and coordinated within few hours.

Despite the shock and uncertainty no one was ready to fail. We all realized that now we have to combine the work and the reality. The reality that required to be concentrated on the job (performing for the stable delivery and fulfilling all commitments) and support of the nation (helping the army to withstand the aggression from russians)

Andriy Vityk, Delivery Manager

The first week was the toughest one

The war raged. The news about russian aggression and offensive was too hard to bear. But balancing between volunteering, supporting the army, gathering and preparing humanitarian aid for refugees, and performing on the job commitments was a crucial skill to learn. Despite, the apprehension of the first days of the war this balance was found.

During the last working days of February, our teams booked 28 PTO (Personal Time OFF) days.
For a comparison, throughout the entire March, 2022 Rolique employees used 57 PTO days, BTW, this is 40% less comparing the same period of 2021.

Everyone got a solid understanding that the progress that slowed down during the week must be pursued and gained over. We simply cannot stop and have to be on the track.

Working hours VS air-raid alerts:

Workload shifted and become a continuously going schema. A solid experience of working remotely (Covid-19 lesson learned)helped us, as the whole IT sector in Ukraine, not to disrupt workflow seriously. As we used to work from anywhere is not a big deal to stay online or even work from shelters or basements if there is no threat.
Safety is above all. This is the rule we follow: everyone had to pay attention to the airstrike alerts, get to the shelter on time, and back to work right after the dismissal of the alarm.

What about the Team?

Except on the economic front, our colleagues help our country to withstand on the forefront, and also by volunteering to help civilians and armed forces. We provide eternal support for every teammate and assist initiatives.
During the last month, we supported our defense forces by donating $30 000 (company funds along with personal additions from our teammates). Taxes paid by our employees in Q1 2022 are totaling to $47 000.
However, our hiring process wasn’t terminated. Recruiters continue to grow our team, and we welcome newcomers on board. It’s important to mention that currently, we also provide employment opportunities for specialists. Check up on our vacancies if you or your friends are looking for a job.

We've grown by 14 new colleagues

No pauses on the projects

It has been over 50 days since russia invaded Ukraine. The fight for democracy and freedom in Europe continues and there is plenty of work to be done. Taking part in sustaining the economy amid russian aggression is for ours, so we still do our business as usual. That means:
We didn’t pause a single project
We launch new collaborations
We hire specialists
We provide all-kind support for our teammate

All our (17) projects are ongoing. None is put on hold. Our dedicated teams perform according to the required plans.

So far, our teams have made a successful delivery on several projects with fixed scope. Other continuously going assignments are also on schedule with minimum deviation from the plan. Minimum deviation means not more than one or two days. Now, all progress is completed on time with stable and balanced performance.

Andriy Vityk, Delivery Manager


During the first month of the war, we completed 2 sprints on the media tech project. Currently, we’re working on the second release.Also, our team has rolled out a release for the Instagram scheduler app on Android. The next one for both Android and iOS is in progress.Performing, as usual, means launching new collaborations.
So we started a new one in early March. And also prolonged our collaboration with the HR platform for hiring remote employees across the borders.


We are truly thankful for all support we’ve got from business partners across the globe. Our friends offered relocation for our employees, financial coverage for the travel, help with transportation and logistics. Having such a complete understanding of the situation, willingness to help, and receiving messages of support made us stronger.


We appreciate our business partners joining anti-war protests, making donations, spreading reliable information on their social media, supplying metal plates for body armor, hosting refugees in your flats, backing the IT sector of our country, and expressing solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Proud to work with you all.


Thanks for reading and Glory to Ukraine!If you want to support our country in a time of war check this: https://supportukrainenow.org

Explore more news and insights to stay tuned.

Andriana Kyryk
Andriana Kyryk
Content Writer

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