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11 Friends of Intermate. The 5th Project Anniversary

11 Friends of Intermate. The 5th Project Anniversary

It has been 5 years since Intermate project was launched. Today, we mark our collaboration anniversary and congratulate the engineering team on passing another important milestone. Hence, this article is devoted to our 11 teammates that make real things as good as possible on a project Intermate.

So, once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away…Oh, wait! that’s an old one.

On November 9, 2016, we began a collaboration with our client Intermate — a market-defining influencer agency. That was a time, when everything was different: no dinosaurs, just a pre-pandemic world, different tasks, and a team. We’ve passed through a lot of changes during these 1826 days, let’s take a look.

About the Project:

Our client is a market-defining influencer agency from Germany, based in Berlin. Our team helps Intermate to produce maximum value from marketing campaigns, working on a matchmaking platform for connecting brands with social influencers and providing digital marketers with analytics.


The platform is a unit of applications, there are 3 of them, to be clear. Applications present different solutions for Intermate’s managers and Intermate’s clients. Therefore, our team has to be double-side oriented in developing software, also supplying users with data and insights.

About the Team:

Every story needs a hero. Intermate’s story has 11.


The very first Engineering team included 3 members. By the way, two of them are still working on a project.

Anton Yatsenyuk and Volodymyr Paskiv congratulations on your 5th work anniversary!


The Intermate team was growing and transforming along with Rolique.

We’ve counted, that 33 of our colleagues worked within the project throughout 5 years.

Our 11 heroes joined the Intermate team at different times, but everyone is an integral part of the project. Yesterday, by the way, we welcomed a newcomer on board!

The СOVID-19 outbreak

Lockdown affected our team seriously. Part of our crew left. But we are a tough nut to crack. We’ve launched a new team setup and, as a result, got a team of rockstars. The pandemic also catalyzed remote collaboration. Now, we work with colleagues from Rivne, Kamianets-Podilskyi, and Kyiv.

About the Routine:

Recently, we’ve congratulated Intermate team on completing the 100th Sprint. It’s 106 Sprints for now. And, what sounds even more impressive — task number 10000 is on the way.

Speaking about tasks. There were a lot of them. Tasks were different and they evolved along with the project’s growth.How?The project didn’t start from scratch. Our team began with fixing the previous iteration. After exploring all ins and outs our engineers proceeded with the development of new complex functionality.

The greatest&hardest feature — web crawling.

Frankly speaking, the very first task wasn’t the easiest neither. That was Sedcard render. We had to generate a large number of screenshots from HTML with pictures and macOS emoji simultaneously.


Were used often and for different purposes. For example, for scoring days without dropping the production server. At first, we were excited to mark 10 days of stability, when a number reached 58, we quit counting.

Long planings to go into details. We discussed everything, even ideas, that looked unreal at a first glance. Before planning, it’s a theory, after planning — it’s in use.

Santa Barbara Episodes
During the pre-pandemic times, the team had a tradition to watch Santa Barbara episodes while working together in a room. Sounds fantastic now. Thanks to the presented TV (for the 3rd anniversary of the project) our mates have watched, according to the different sources, from 120 up to 700 episodes of the serial, on mute, with 2x speeding. Lockdown put Santa Barbara episodes on a pause. But, we believe good tradition should be restored.

Challenges and team-driven approach. The team switch among the 3 applications. It’s an interesting fact, that every developer, who worked on the project has grown into a Senior specialist. We closely collaborate with the client, regularly communicate with the PO, but all technical initiatives come from our side.

About the Teambuilding and Business trips:

Traveling is an essential part of every business. The pandemic has temporarily disrupted journey plans, but after a full vaccination course, our team visited Berlin for the fourth time. We also can’t wait to greet our clients in Lviv very soon.

The first trip to Berlin was a real adventure. We were thrilled to meet our new business partner, and exploring Berlin during, for most of the team, a first-time journey abroad.


Work hard, party harder!

We enjoy spending time together. Our parties are always awesome. There were plenty of different events, like quest-rooms, mountain trips, internal (office) activities, and a lot of fun during team building outdoors.



Every member of Intermate’s team is a member of the Buffalo Club. Another common activity is to enjoy Berliner Luft, by any and all means.

About the Plans:

The project is moving forward. During the last meeting in Berlin, the team set goals to achieve, and strategies to follow. The nearest plans are ambitious, there is a need for project transformation, like dividing areas of responsibility between several dedicated teams. Therefore, we’ll have vacancies for skilled engineers. By the way, check our open position you may here.

We’ll be glad to discuss your joining Rolique.

Speaking about the requirements: good, really good sense of humor, rock-solid approach to the work, and expertise.

Sounds interesting? Then, let’s make real things as good as possible together. Come join us!

Andriana Kyryk
Andriana Kyryk
Content Writer

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