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about the client
Appvisory is a fully automated Mobile Security solution that identifies real-time vulnerabilities and risky app behavior. It uses AI to scan applications and detect insecure behavior of apps, such as malware attacks and data leaks. The Appvisory app supports the daily work routine based on private usage patterns to create a productive and safe working environment.
Javascript / Typescript

Client’s brief

  • Transfer legacy front-end to a modern framework Vue.js 3
  • Fix issues and make the current system stable
  • Develop new features
  • Refact and improve UI
  • Adapt pages for mobile devices
  • Build a Scrum process from scratch

Our Part

Our work consisted of several critical stages: building the proper management process, developing new functionality, improving existing legacy code, working with UI, front-end and back-end parts, etc. We needed to upgrade the system and profoundly transform the product's tech foundation.

Challenges and Solutions

1. Building a Scrum process

The client had a request to get a transparent methodology to manage development processes – specifically a Scrum.

At first, the client didn't have a convenient system for Scrum, so we started with Jira. Then, we set up the required Scrum processes and made an intro presentation to familiarise our client with the details.

It was a massive task for our project managers. However, we successfully created a handy workflow where the client understands what the development team is working on and when it will be done.

We are still fine-tuning the system, but we identified all the client's needs and created a good base for further improvements.

2. System upgrade

An old system was built on outdated Angular 1 and Vue 2. We migrated it to Vue 3, the latest major version of Vue.js. The previous team had ported 5-10%, then we continued. Our team transferred the pages one by one. We also supported the old system in case something went wrong. We fixed all issues in the old solution and moved it to the new code and design without bugs.

This allowed us to speed up the system, deliver higher performance, and leave room for future improvements. We improved the deployment process with a linear history of releases, which allowed us to make each committed change in code after the previous one.

We also:

  • Improved database schemas and data migration
  • Changed database schema structureRefactored and worked deeply with legacy code
  • Cleaned up the project from outdated or unusable pieces of code and plugins
  • Provided performance optimization
  • Rewrote some functionalities/pieces of functionality from scratch
  • We implemented a multilingual service

Moreover, we fixed performance issues, namely, unnecessary API requests, excessive component updates, random language toggling, etc. As a result, the system's work became more stable, and its fault tolerance was improved.

3. Work with UI

We significantly improved the UI and made it more informative and intuitive. We also adopted pages for mobile devices.

The UI custom vue components are based on Bootstrap 5, the latest version of this frontend toolkit. It was the best fit for our task because it is a cost-effective solution with extensive customization options.

Additionally, we developed the custom DataTable UI component with pagination. It provides a dynamic mode for handling thousands of records quickly.

4. Security improvements

We found and fixed all vulnerability issues. We also made all necessary updates to the latest versions of Golang, PHP, Symfony, and all 3-rd party libraries.


We built a convenient and transparent management process from zero.

Our client received a fast, modern, and competitive system. We fixed all issues (including security ones) and made the system stable and safe.

We carried out profound legacy transformation to make our solution meet actual market requirements.

We improved the UI to make it seamless and intuitive. We adapted pages for mobile devices.

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