Our Referral Program 

How does it work?

At Rolique, we have two types of referral bonus:

  • Regular Bonus
  • Special Bonus

Regular Bonus

Bonus for a referral (a recommended candidate) for a position, on which the bonus applies according to the set requirements. This bonus is applicable for delivery positions Middle+ level and non-delivery positions Senior+ level only.

The Regural Bonus amounts due to the qualification levels:
Delivery direction:

  • Middle/Senior Specialist — 500$
  • Lead Specialist — 800$

Non-Delivery direction:

  • Senior/Lead Specialist — 500$

Special Bonus

Bonus for a referral (a recommended candidate) for a particular position, which is called 'Hot vacancy'. You can ask the Recruiter about vacancies with a Special bonus rewarding.

Requirements for the referral

  • Referrals are valid for open positions only
  • You cannot refer yourself
  • A recommended candidate must be informed about our vacancy and be interested in cooperation with Rolique
  • You must be the first person who refers the candidate (the date and time of the submission will be noted)
  • Your referral is valid for 2 months

What kind of bonus will you recieve

  • The referral bonus depends on the candidate's qualification level, which is defined after an internal technical interview, not by the level of the vacancy that was opened.
  • The referral bonus depends on the vacancy that the candidate was placed.

How will you recieve your bonus

  • You will receive a referral bonus (either Special or Appreciation one) if your candidate successfully completes the probation period in the company.
  • Usually, the probation period lasts for 3 months, but, in some cases, the candidate's direct manager has the right to extend this period.
  • Referral bonus is paid in gross Ukrainian hryvnia due to the exchange rate on the current payment day. Bonus is announced gross and always processed through our PE account, thus you will receive it to your card NET (minus 5% of tax and your bank commission on a transfer). Bonus will be paid in 3 weeks from the last working day of probation month.
  • You will be informed about a referral bonus payment by email from the responsible recruiter.

Bonus will not be paid in the following cases

  • The referral was not officially submitted via Rolique website Careers page.
  • The referral contains incorrect or outdated information.
  • The mentioned candidate is not aware of our vacancy and is not interested in cooperation with Rolique.
  • The candidate applied for one of the similar positions during the last 2 months.
  • The mentioned candidate has already been involved in the selection process for one of the open vacancies – answered the recruiter, aware of our vacancy, and considers it.
  • The candidate was recommended by someone else during the last 2 months.
  • The candidate failed the probation period.
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